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Understanding parasailing risks and safety precautions

You may be looking forward to a South Carolina vacation that is focused on water sports such as parasailing. If you have never participated in this activity, you are in for a thrill, but be aware of the risks involved.

Parasailing is a unique experience, and it requires due diligence. Making sure you understand the safety standards and how the equipment should work will give you confidence. You want to do as much as you can to avoid injury.

Can you identify the major cause of boating fatalities?

South Carolina is a wonderful vacation spot, especially for those who enjoy boating. You might bring your own powerboat or rent a sailboat. You may be an experienced boater or someone who is just learning the ropes. What you want is to enjoy a day on the water, and what you need to avoid, at all costs, is a tragedy.

There are four main causes of boating accidents, and one of them is responsible for most of the boating fatalities on record.

Avoid a bow riding accident on your rented pontoon boat

If you are a visitor to South Carolina and enjoying water activities in the Myrtle Beach area, you may be interested in renting a pontoon boat. A voyage to Bird Island with a picnic lunch to enjoy might be the perfect outing for your family.

The owner of your rental pontoon should provide safety instructions before you leave the harbor. Those instructions should include a warning against bow riding.

Do you qualify for injury compensation under the Jones Act?

You may have been working aboard a merchant ship since you were old enough to go to sea. On the other hand, you may have just completed your first six months as a crew member on a commercial fishing vessel. The job is exciting but dangerous, and if you suffered an injury, you may be wondering if you can claim compensation.

Whether you are a seaman, deckhand or the captain of a cruise ship, you are entitled to compensatory damages under the Jones Act in addition to any other compensation that might be available.

Life jackets important for boating safety

Memorial Day kicked off the boating season in South Carolina. But when you're having fun out on the water, always take care to avoid tragedy if you end up in it. Last year, of the 23 people who died in boating-related accidents, 91 percent died of drowning. 

The Department of Natural Resources released safety rules for boats, recommending that every boater has a personal flotation device or life vest. While a PFD cannot prevent an accident, it will reduce the risk of dying if you fall in the water. 

Did you break your elbow on a charter fishing trip?

Because you love having a rod and reel in your hands, you spent some of your vacation time on a charter fishing excursion. Any avid fisherman would look forward to such a time, but in your case, the unexpected happened. Rough seas developed and you were struck by equipment that was not properly secured on deck, leading to a broken elbow.

Charter boat accidents are often the result of lax safety precautions. If negligence was to blame for your injury, an attorney experienced with maritime laws may assist you in obtaining the appropriate compensation from the parties responsible.

Balance fun with safety in water sports

You may have decided to take a long weekend getaway to Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach. You and your spouse are going to rent jet skis, but you are also going to try parasailing for the first time, although you are a bit uneasy about it. Keep in mind that in addition to swimming, every kind of water activity, including deep sea fishing or simply cruising around in a power boat, comes with risk, but risk is part of life; it figures into all kinds of enjoyable activities. You have to approach water sports with a healthy dose of respect, always keeping safety in mind.

Jet ski safety

What to know if you are injured on a gambling boat

No one plans to be injured, which is why the law has a system for deciding who was responsible and who was liable when it happens-to figure out who should have to bear the cost of getting people who have been hurt back on their feet again. When you go into a facility, such as a business that is open to the public, and you get hurt in the course of your regular patronage of that facility, then there is a chance you have a claim for damages that will help you cover the costs of your medical care. That includes entertainment venues, even when they are not necessarily on dry land.

Understanding how boating accident trends affect you

If you are headed out onto the water anywhere near South Carolina's beautiful coastal areas, it's important to understand both how to safely navigate the waterways and what kinds of accidents to look out for. That means knowing what to do to keep everyone in your boat safe and what to expect when it comes to possible hazards and other problems. Recreational boating covers a range of activities, and some carry more risk than others. Knowing what to expect is the first step toward risk management 

How distracted driving works on the water -- and why it is still dangerous

The smartphone age has brought new scrutiny to the problem of distracted driving, and the widespread occurrence of this dangerous practice has become a major traffic safety policy concern - so much so that most American drivers are now aware of the problem.

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