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Water sports and injuries sometimes go together

If you have come to South Carolina on vacation, you will probably include time enjoying some water sports.

Whether you are enjoying the lake, river or ocean, remember that accidents can happen in an instant. Here are three popular water sports and some tips to help keep you safe.

1. Paddleboarding

This is an activity that has become quite popular in recent years, and almost anyone can do it. It is important, however, to develop the correct technique in order to prevent injuries. Relax your shoulders and grasp your paddle lightly to save stress on arms and wrists. Using major muscles will help to combat the fatigue that could lead to injuries.

2. Water skiing

When you water ski, your ankles are at risk for injury if you fall because your feet are attached to the skis. However, due to the high speed, major injuries are possible. They are usually collision-related, whether you hit the water hard or come in contact with an object of some kind. Knee and ACL injuries, dislocated shoulders and muscle tears are common in water skiing accidents. Exercises can help strengthen your ankles before you begin to ski.

3. Using personal watercraft

You may be a novice at water skiing or paddleboarding but experienced with a Jet Ski. If so, you probably know how important it is to exercise caution. You should always ride at a speed you find comfortable and never push it. In an accident, you risk a serious head injury because as you fall, you could easily collide with the Jet Ski. A neck or whiplash-type of injury is also common in a fall from a personal watercraft, and if you happen to be out on the water alone, you could find yourself in an extremely serious situation.

When you are involved in an accident on the water, the matter will probably be handled in accordance with maritime law, which is different than the law that applies to accidents on land. However, if you keep safety in mind, you are much more likely to enjoy your water sport of choice and skip an unexpected visit to the hospital, as well as any legal follow-up.

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