Did you break your elbow on a charter fishing trip?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2017 | Injuries

Because you love having a rod and reel in your hands, you spent some of your vacation time on a charter fishing excursion. Any avid fisherman would look forward to such a time, but in your case, the unexpected happened. Rough seas developed and you were struck by equipment that was not properly secured on deck, leading to a broken elbow.

Charter boat accidents are often the result of lax safety precautions. If negligence was to blame for your injury, an attorney experienced with maritime laws may assist you in obtaining the appropriate compensation from the parties responsible.

Common injuries on board

Charter fishing boat injuries can be caused by many things. In addition to the possibility of being struck by equipment that has not been secured, someone could slip and fall on a deck that is not clean and dry. A crew member in the grip of a drug or alcohol haze might endanger everyone on board. Another potential problem for passengers is food that has spoiled and is unsafe to eat. Passengers can become ill, and if the infection is a norovirus, the contagious disease can spread to others.

Expected responsibilities

The owner of the charter boat is responsible for ensuring that the vessel is seaworthy and that the crew has sufficient skill and experience to operate it. The captain and crew should take care to not overload the boat and to provide passengers with the appropriate safety information. They must navigate correctly and operate the vessel in a safe manner at all times.

Help for your injuries

When you were out at sea on a charter fishing boat, federal maritime laws protected you. If the owner, captain or crew were negligent in their responsibilities, the courts can hold them liable for your broken elbow. An experienced attorney may be able to help see that you are properly compensated for medical bills and any other costs you incurred.