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Who is responsible for a parasailing injury?

Millions of people go parasailing each year. Out of that number, a significant percentage ends up sustaining injuries from the fun-filled activity. One South Carolina parasailing company recently received orders to stop operating due to an excessive number of customers sustaining injuries. 

People can fracture bones and even lose limbs from improperly operating parasailing equipment. However, after people sustain injuries, they believe they have no recourse because they had to sign paperwork that exempted the parasailing agency from any liability. Although these forms may seem ironclad, they cannot protect against everything. The company still needs to abide by premises liability and product liability laws. It is possible to try to receive compensation for your injuries by filing a lawsuit against the proper party.

4 common canoe accidents you should understand

While extreme boating activities, such as parasailing and motorboating, are a tremendous amount of fun, they are not right for every water enthusiast. If you want to explore South Carolina’s many waterways in a relaxed way, climbing into a canoe or kayak may be right for you. 

Canoes and kayaks move through the water slower than motor-operated vessels. While speed often contributes to motorboat accidents, going slowly does not necessarily protect you from serious injury or death. Here are four common accidents you should understand before you rent a canoe or kayak: 

The most common jet ski injuries

Summertime is upon us, which means you may be heading down to the lake or beach for some fun. If your summer plans involve using jet skis, you should know the dangers surrounding them. While riding a jet ski may seem like a harmless summer activity, it can result in some serious injuries

In order to be safe on a jet ski, you should know about common injuries and how to prevent them. Here are some risks involved with jet skiing and prevention tips. 

The dangers of parasailing

Tourists who visit South Carolina can enjoy a litany of water sporting activities. Parasailing is one of the most popular, and millions of Americans enjoy it around the country every year. While accidents are rare, they do happen. In the summer of 2018, an Illinois man lost his legs in a parasailing accident in Myrtle Beach

Anyone who suffers from an injury during a recreational activity in South Carolina waters should not hesitate to see a doctor immediately. However, people also need to be cognizant of the dangers before going out and parasailing. 

Booze and boats do not mix

Few things are more relaxing than spending an afternoon on one of South Carolina’s waterways. After all, tourists and locals flock to the state’s gorgeous rivers, lakes and ocean. If you combine alcohol with your boating adventure, though, you may be asking for trouble. 

You do not want your boating vacation to turn into a nightmare. Most residents of the Palmetto State understand why they should not drink and drive a car. For some reason, though, that logic does not necessarily translate to boats. Still, operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. Here are three reasons booze and boats do not mix: 

4 reasons boating accidents occur

If you are planning your dream vacation, Myrtle Beach is an excellent destination. After all, eastern South Carolina has miles of ocean and lake to explore. Spending a few hours on a boating excursion is a fantastic way for you to make memories that last a lifetime. 

When you and your family climb onboard a boat, you want to stay safe. Unfortunately, boating accidents can cause long-term injuries or death. If you or a member of your party gets hurt, you may need to act diligently to receive compensation for your injuries. Still, by understanding boating accidents, you can better protect your family on vacation. Here are four reasons boat accidents usually occur: 

Keep this in mind about South Carolina boating regulations

Recreational boating in South Carolina is not as predictable as the roads, which have traffic signs and signals and a mostly undynamic surface to minimize collisions. Many people, novice and experienced boaters, end up in accidents on their watercrafts due to recklessness, poor judgment and other factors.

With proper precautions, boating can be a safe and fun activity for the entire family. Just like car accidents, boating incidents can occur unexpectedly regardless of skill and equipment. The potential for catastrophic events that result in people ending up overboard, drowning and hurt by other objects is always present. To minimize the risk of recreational boating and watercraft accidents and injuries, here is a brief breakdown of boating regulations every boater should know.

Essential parasailing safety tips

Parasailing is one of the most fun activities to do in South Carolina. Whether you are a local or tourist, you may enjoy the thrill of gliding above the beautiful views. This recreational activity gives you an unforgettable experience and exhilarating adrenaline rush.

But while parasailing is enjoyable, it can also be dangerous. Whether it is your first or tenth time parasailing, it is vital to remember some safety tips. 

Filing a personal injury claim under the Jones Act

Working on a cruise ship provides you with opportunities to go places and see things on the job that many people only dream about. In spite of its location on the water, your work environment includes many of the same hazards employees face on land.

Workers' compensation laws do not apply at sea, so what do you do if you sustain an injury on a cruise ship? Nearly a century ago, lawmakers created and passed the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, or the Jones Act, to help answer this question.

How to prevent a boating vacation from going wrong

When people book their vacations in South Carolina destinations like the ever-popular Myrtle Beach, the last thing on their minds is the risk involved with boating accidents. However, these types of accidents are much more common among tourists than most people realize.

One small boating accident can have a lifelong negative impact, especially if you suffer permanent injuries. There are ways to minimize the risk of getting into a dangerous boating crash, however. Here are a few tips you can use as you embark on your South Carolina boating vacation.

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