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Going out on your boat? Be cautious on the dock

When you're boating, one of the places you'd think would be the least dangerous is the dock. After all, when you're on the dock, you're essentially on land.

That isn't really accurate, though, and there are specific hazards posed by docks. For example, someone who is exiting the front of the boat to help the driver dock could get their foot or other body part pinched between the dock and boat. Someone boating a boat who slips could fall between the boat and dock, which poses a threat of crushing injuries and drowning.

Watch out for banana boat disasters! Use these tips to stay safe

A banana boat is a unique kind of boat that you can ride on while very close to the water. This inflatable ride is usually shaped like a banana and yellow, which is how it got its name.

The boat is hitched to a speed boat, which pulls it along quickly in its wake. It's a fun recreational activity, but it does have some hazards. For example, you are being pulled at a high speed, so if you fall off, you could end up getting hurt.

Deep sea fishing: Be safe on your chartered trip

You've always wanted to go on a deep sea fishing charter, but you haven't had the opportunity. Now that you're near the ocean and have the money to pay for your spot, you're ready to get out there and catch amazing fish.

Deep sea fishing can be fun, but it is also potentially dangerous. There are some tips that you should follow if you want to stay safe while on board the charter.

Renting a pontoon? They can be dangerous, too

You want to go out on the water with your family, and you think one of the best options is to rent a pontoon. After all, a pontoon doesn't go particularly fast, has room for everyone and is pretty easy to drive. You're familiar with taking them out on the calm waters of your local lakes, but going out onto the ocean is a little bit different.

The fact that pontoons are so easy to rent is part of the problem. Many novice boaters end up on pontoons, because they are simpler to drive and learn to control. This could pose a threat of a collision, though, as novice drivers may make mistakes that more advanced boaters would not.

Going on a dolphin tour? Know the risks

You've always loved the idea of going on a dolphin tour. The idea of the animals jumping in the wake and giving you the opportunity to see wild dolphins out in nature is amazing.

Unfortunately, these cruises can be dangerous for tourists. There are dozens of ways people can get hurt, but some of the most common include:

  • Falling overboard
  • Heat stroke or heat exhaustion
  • Getting bitten or attacked by a dolphin (if you go in the water or reach out to one)
  • Getting electrocuted by dock wiring (or electrical shock drowning, if in the water)
  • Whiplash from bouncing or harsh wave conditions

Watch out for that Jet Ski, it's a dangerous personal watercraft

Jet skiing can be a lot of fun, but it's dangerous, too. Jet Skis can speed at 60 mph or more, as fast as a car on a highway, but don't have the same protections.

There are approximately 1.3 million Jet Skis in America, with the Kawasaki Jet Ski being the best known. These are exciting for people, because you sit or stand while controlling your vehicle on the open water. Some people do tricks, while others just enjoy speeding around rivers, lakes or the ocean.

There are times when you should refuse to go parasailing

Parasailing is a common tourist activity, and it's one that can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to parasailing, and that is that there is a large risk of serious injuries.

Many accidents occur because of problems with the towline. This is one of the first things you should ask to see if you're going to go parasailing. The towline should be rated for the correct strength. You should make sure that the line has not been worn out by overuse or exposure to the elements. You should also look for knots and overloading to reduce the risk of being in the air when that line snaps.

Your rights as an injured gambling boat worker in South Carolina

Working on one of the casino ships that pull into port in South Carolina can be an enjoyable and lucrative career decision. Whether you help operate the boat or provide customer service and assistance to the guests on the ship, you may be able to earn a substantial wage, as well as direct gratuities or your share of pool gratuities in certain circumstances.

People are usually willing to pay quite a bit to enjoy a good time in a space that they view as outside of the law. Most people understand that gambling ships are able to legally operate even in states without legal gambling because they move out into international waters not governed by domestic law. The gambling doesn't take place in port or in the waters close to shore governed by state and federal authorities.

Small boat operators, boating accidents and what to do next

The coastal areas of South Carolina have mild winters with daytime temperatures averaging about 60 degrees. This means boat enthusiasts can still enjoy our navigable waters.

Of course, a boating accident is never enjoyable, especially one that results in injuries. Boaters need to practice safety at all times, but if an accident occurs, what are the next steps?

Slippery decks, instability and other unseaworthiness issues

Unseaworthiness is a term that refers to conditions on a vessel, oil rig or production platform that puts seamen and offshore workers at risk of injury or death.

Slippery decks and vessel instability are among the many issues that point to unseaworthiness. This may be the reason you sustained an on-the-job injury and why you may qualify for compensation.

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