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Your rights as an injured gambling boat worker in South Carolina

Working on one of the casino ships that pull into port in South Carolina can be an enjoyable and lucrative career decision. Whether you help operate the boat or provide customer service and assistance to the guests on the ship, you may be able to earn a substantial wage, as well as direct gratuities or your share of pool gratuities in certain circumstances.

People are usually willing to pay quite a bit to enjoy a good time in a space that they view as outside of the law. Most people understand that gambling ships are able to legally operate even in states without legal gambling because they move out into international waters not governed by domestic law. The gambling doesn't take place in port or in the waters close to shore governed by state and federal authorities.

Small boat operators, boating accidents and what to do next

The coastal areas of South Carolina have mild winters with daytime temperatures averaging about 60 degrees. This means boat enthusiasts can still enjoy our navigable waters.

Of course, a boating accident is never enjoyable, especially one that results in injuries. Boaters need to practice safety at all times, but if an accident occurs, what are the next steps?

Slippery decks, instability and other unseaworthiness issues

Unseaworthiness is a term that refers to conditions on a vessel, oil rig or production platform that puts seamen and offshore workers at risk of injury or death.

Slippery decks and vessel instability are among the many issues that point to unseaworthiness. This may be the reason you sustained an on-the-job injury and why you may qualify for compensation.

Be careful when renting a kayak or paddleboard

Myrtle Beach and other places along South Carolina’s hundreds of miles of oceanfront offer a tremendous opportunity for paddle sports enthusiasts to get their fix. If you do not own a kayak or paddleboard, you may decide to rent one from the many outfitters in the region. 

Before renting a kayak, paddleboard or another type of personal watercraft, you must think about your safety. After all, the number of paddle sports fatalities nationwide has climbed significantly in recent years. Here are some tips for ensuring you have a safe rental experience: 

An alleged casino boat injury brings maritime law into focus

Perhaps you are coming to Myrtle Beach for vacation and plan to go out on a casino boat during your visit. You may be unfamiliar with this kind of cruise. What happens if you fall ill or become injured?

A lawsuit recently filed in Texas gives a glimpse into maritime law and the results of an accident involving a casino boat passenger.

Who is responsible for a parasailing injury?

Millions of people go parasailing each year. Out of that number, a significant percentage ends up sustaining injuries from the fun-filled activity. One South Carolina parasailing company recently received orders to stop operating due to an excessive number of customers sustaining injuries. 

People can fracture bones and even lose limbs from improperly operating parasailing equipment. However, after people sustain injuries, they believe they have no recourse because they had to sign paperwork that exempted the parasailing agency from any liability. Although these forms may seem ironclad, they cannot protect against everything. The company still needs to abide by premises liability and product liability laws. It is possible to try to receive compensation for your injuries by filing a lawsuit against the proper party.

4 common canoe accidents you should understand

While extreme boating activities, such as parasailing and motorboating, are a tremendous amount of fun, they are not right for every water enthusiast. If you want to explore South Carolina’s many waterways in a relaxed way, climbing into a canoe or kayak may be right for you. 

Canoes and kayaks move through the water slower than motor-operated vessels. While speed often contributes to motorboat accidents, going slowly does not necessarily protect you from serious injury or death. Here are four common accidents you should understand before you rent a canoe or kayak: 

The most common jet ski injuries

Summertime is upon us, which means you may be heading down to the lake or beach for some fun. If your summer plans involve using jet skis, you should know the dangers surrounding them. While riding a jet ski may seem like a harmless summer activity, it can result in some serious injuries

In order to be safe on a jet ski, you should know about common injuries and how to prevent them. Here are some risks involved with jet skiing and prevention tips. 

The dangers of parasailing

Tourists who visit South Carolina can enjoy a litany of water sporting activities. Parasailing is one of the most popular, and millions of Americans enjoy it around the country every year. While accidents are rare, they do happen. In the summer of 2018, an Illinois man lost his legs in a parasailing accident in Myrtle Beach

Anyone who suffers from an injury during a recreational activity in South Carolina waters should not hesitate to see a doctor immediately. However, people also need to be cognizant of the dangers before going out and parasailing. 

Booze and boats do not mix

Few things are more relaxing than spending an afternoon on one of South Carolina’s waterways. After all, tourists and locals flock to the state’s gorgeous rivers, lakes and ocean. If you combine alcohol with your boating adventure, though, you may be asking for trouble. 

You do not want your boating vacation to turn into a nightmare. Most residents of the Palmetto State understand why they should not drink and drive a car. For some reason, though, that logic does not necessarily translate to boats. Still, operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. Here are three reasons booze and boats do not mix: 

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