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Maritime And Admiralty: A Law Unto Itself

The Bluestein Law Firm, P.A., focuses its legal practice on all aspects of the complex field of admiralty and maritime law. From personal injury cases involving injured recreational boaters and Jones Act cases for injured seamen to business disputes related to shipping commercial cargo on ocean-going vessels, our legal practice encompasses any legal matter involving the ocean or navigable inland waterways.

Providing Education, Experience, Competence And Efficiency

Attorney S. Scott Bluestein is highly qualified to represent clients in admiralty and maritime law, having practiced in this area since 1992. He received his law degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law and then a Master of Law in admiralty from Tulane Law School. Mr. Bluestein teaches continuing legal education classes in admiralty and maritime personal injury law and writes for legal publications.

Mr. Bluestein’s years of experience and intensive practice in this highly specialized area of law ensure he has a thorough understanding of the federal laws and regulations that apply to your situation.

Maritime law is distinctive from all other forms of law in several key ways:

  • It has an extraordinarily long history. While every time and place has customized laws, the codification of maritime law began in ancient times.
  • It is international in nature. There are variations in maritime laws in countries around the world, but essential legal concepts are similar and those who practice maritime and admiralty law speak a common legal language.
  • It is significantly different from the laws that may apply on land, especially when it comes to injured workers.

Legal Help When You Need It

Nothing is more frustrating than having a legal problem and waiting a week for a lawyer to return your call. Mr. Bluestein returns calls and emails personally. He is very accessible and readily available to address your concerns.

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