Thinking about parasailing? Keep these 4 pointers in mind

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2018 | Firm News

One activity you might have your sights on in the Myrtle Beach area is parasailing. Sure, it seems like a fun and thrilling activity to try at least once in your life, but there are dangers you should know of first. Many first-time and novice parasailers end up hurt or dead because of preventable parasailing accidents.

Parasailing accidents happen all the time. Even if you choose a reputable company/operator, be sure to consider the following safety pointers on parakiting

1. Do your research 

You might be looking for the most cost-effective parasailing activity to participate in, but you should not forgo safety for a reasonable price. Low prices may seem enticing, but you should carefully consider the reputation and the history of complaints of all options before committing to one. Also, you should choose companies that have permanent physical addresses instead of pop-up beach locations. 

2. Learn the risks and dangers 

What appears to be a fun activity is full of risks you should know of before you participate. Knowing the dangers can help you to plan for safety. The operator should inform you of all safety procedures, address your concerns and establish a safety word. 

3. Pay attention to the equipment 

Visually inspect the equipment before you sign and pay. Make sure everything looks current and up to date. If anything seems old, worn-out and in poor condition, you should consider going to a different parasailing operator. 

4. Make sure you are ready 

Prior to take off, thoroughly inspect your safety gear and brush up on the operator’s rules and commands. If you feel nervous and apprehensive, listen to your gut and refrain; there are plenty of safer activities you can partake in. 

The parasailing industry is highly unregulated. As with anything, issues can crop up that impact your safety. If your parasailing excursion causes you or someone you know grievous injury, you may have a personal injury claim.