3 dangers of jet ski rental on your vacation

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2018 | Firm News

When you are on your vacation in Myrtle Beach, watersports are likely one of the first activities you may plan to add to your itinerary. The area stretching from Mount Pleasant in the south to Myrtle Beach in the north, off of South Carolina’s coast, is a very popular tourist attraction for watersports enthusiasts both new and experienced.

One major attraction for tourists is renting a jet ski for recreation. There are many risks associated with jet skis, however, especially for people who have never used one before. Learn about a few specific risks involved in jet ski rental so that you can be prepared if you decide to rent a jet ski on your South Carolina beach vacation.

1. Collisions with other watercraft

Collisions are a common source of serious injuries that people sustain on jet skis and other personal watercraft. In a case from Maryland, two riders and a passenger who were using jet ski rentals collided, resulting in critical injuries that required a medical airlift and surgery. Collisions on jet skis can cause head and neck trauma, which in very serious cases can lead to brain or spinal cord damage

2. Drunken boating

It is commonly known that you should not operate any type of motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but sometimes people do not apply this rule to recreational boating. In fact, alcohol plays a role in many serious and injury-provoking accidents on the water. Even though you are relaxing on vacation and may have let down your guard more as far as alcohol consumption goes, you should never operate a jet ski or other personal watercraft if you have been drinking.

3. Excessive speed

Just like with passenger cars, going too fast on a jet ski can cause you to lose control of the watercraft, as well as have shorter reaction times and increased risk for collisions. You should always maintain a safe speed on the water, especially because you cannot know the conditions of other recreational boaters who may be at an increased risk for accidents due to alcohol use or inexperience. 

Jet ski rental on your South Carolina vacation can be a fun highlight. The important thing to keep in mind is to get the right training prior to taking the watercraft out and to follow sensible guidelines to protect your safety and the safety of others.