Deep sea fishing: Be safe on your chartered trip

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | Firm News

You’ve always wanted to go on a deep sea fishing charter, but you haven’t had the opportunity. Now that you’re near the ocean and have the money to pay for your spot, you’re ready to get out there and catch amazing fish.

Deep sea fishing can be fun, but it is also potentially dangerous. There are some tips that you should follow if you want to stay safe while on board the charter.

What can you do to prevent injury while at sea?

  1. Check the weather before heading out. If the weather is supposed to be bad later in the day, you should talk to the captain and crew. Will it be safe to go out? If so, what are they doing to keep you safe if the storm affects your trip?
  2. Bring supplies with you. Having emergency supplies on board is a good idea, even if you know that food or water may be available already. You should also ask the charter if they bring emergency rations or supplies.
  3. Dress correctly for the conditions. Temperatures out at sea can be cool, so wear several layers, bring a hat and have extra clothing you can change into if you get wet.
  4. Talk to the staff about safety. You should know where the first-aid equipment is on board. You should also know where emergency radios are located.
  5. Get training on fishing safely. Remember that some of the fish you could catch may be hundreds of pounds. They could be heavy enough to knock you over or pull you into the ocean. The charter crewmembers can help you if you’re struggling with a particularly large catch, so make sure you call out for assistance if you need it.

Charters are fun and can be a good experience, but you should be very careful about which charter you choose. When you talk to the owner and operator, find out what kinds of amenities are on board. What safety protocols do they follow? When will they cancel a trip or return to dock if the weather begins to get bad? These are great questions to ask, because you are the one putting your life on the line if the company does not run the charter safely.

By taking the time to look into the charter and to find one with good reviews and good safety techniques, you’ll limit the risks you face and be in a better position to enjoy your trip.