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What seamen need to know about the Jones Act

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2021 | Jones Act

The Jones Act covers crewmembers who sustain injuries or contract illness while working aboard a vessel.

Similar to workers’ compensation for land-based employees, this act helps pay the costs of your lost wages, medical care and other relevant expenses following an accident on the job.

Do you qualify to file a Jones Act lawsuit?

To file a Jones Act claim, you must be a qualified seaman. The law requires that you spend 30% of your time working on a vessel that operates in navigable waters. You must also be able to prove your injuries resulted from employer negligence and an unseaworthy ship.

How do you recover compensation after a maritime injury?

Preparing your case involves filing incident reports with the necessary documentation. You need detailed records of any medical treatment for your work injuries, ships’ logs, and other information. Maritime law is complex and requires extensive knowledge to handle correctly. Understanding your rights, the relevant deadlines and the rules and regulations helps you secure the compensation you deserve following a work accident aboard a ship.

Do you need to file a Jones Act claim right away?

You should begin the process of taking legal action as soon as possible following an injury. The law allows a three-year timeframe for filing this type of lawsuit. However, cases involving maritime law may take considerable time to resolve, making it essential to start as soon as you are able.

As a seaman, you have employee-focused protections under the Jones Act that help you when employer negligence causes bodily harm. Winning your case requires a thorough understanding of maritime laws.