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3 most common causes of boating accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Injuries

Recreational boating is a popular past-time throughout the state. However, in some instances, boating accidents may lead to a lifetime of pain should the injuries sustained prove severe enough.

Boating accidents occur for a variety of reasons. While some are difficult to predict, such as mechanical failures, others may prove avoidable. Discover three of the most common reasons boating accidents happen in an effort to prevent becoming a statistic.

1. Distracted driving

Even on the water, a distracted driver may prove deadly. In boating, the operator may become inattentive for a variety of reasons. While it may not seem as urgent to concentrate on operating a boat as with a car, failing to remain present and focused results in crashes. In some instances, boats may drift into shallow water, strike objects and other boats or eject a passenger in the event of a sudden overcorrection.

2. Inexperienced operator

While boating seems simple, it is not for everyone. It is not the same as driving a car or other land vehicle. When an inexperienced boater gets behind the wheel, the chance of an accident increases. Between not understanding the more subtle nuances of boats, amateur operators may not recognize channel markers meanings or approaching weather changes.

3. Driver intoxication

Having a few drinks before operating a boat may prove just as risky as doing so in a car. Intoxicated boaters tend to go faster, take on riskier water and weather conditions and strike docks. A drunk boater is just as dangerous as a drunk driver. In some cases, even more so since a boat typically holds more people than a vehicle.

Avoiding the common causes of boating crashes may come down to remaining diligent as an operator and fellow boater.