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Providing Legal Representation To All Parties In The Maritime Industry

At the Bluestein Law Firm, P.A., in Charleston, South Carolina, we represent maritime business interests — ships and ship owners — as well as the companies that hire them to transport goods and the companies that insure those goods.

When problems arise in the course of doing business, work with a skilled and experienced maritime law firm. For more than 15 years, attorney S. Scott Bluestein has been representing commercial vessels and their clients in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland and other areas of the United States.

For sound legal counsel, assistance with the drafting of shipping contracts and other maritime legal contracts, or representation in court or negotiations, contact our Charleston law office to schedule an appointment.

A Careful Eye For Your Maritime Law Contracts

Mr. Bluestein assists companies with the drafting and review of maritime contracts of all types, including charter agreements, shipping contracts and purchase-sale agreements for vessels. Protect your financial interests by ensuring that your cargo and transportation contracts are thorough, complete and accurate.

We’re Ready To Litigate When Necessary

A contract is only as good as its enforcement. If you have suffered financial losses or injury because of breach of contract or breach of warranty, a lawsuit, arbitration or mediation may be necessary to get compensation. Mr. Bluestein is an experienced litigator with more than a decade of trial court experience in a wide range of cases involving maritime and admiralty law, including:

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