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Mount Pleasant Personal Injury Blog

Boat rental risks could put you in danger

When you rent a boat, you’re doing so under the assumption that the renter has taken care of the boat’s maintenance and has done their due diligence in keeping the vessel safe. Whether you rent a sailboat, canoe, pontoon or other kind of vessel, if anything goes wrong...

The stages of drowning and what to do

It can be a lot of fun to spend time on a boat. However, your good time can turn bad should you fall overboard and find yourself struggling to stay afloat. Not only can this result in serious injury, but far too many have tragically died from falling out of a boat....

What to do if you fall overboard

There’s little more enjoyable than spending the day on the water. However, your good time can turn into extreme fear if you find yourself in the water against your will. Despite the fact that you take steps to protect against falling overboard, you never know what...

Alcohol, boating and your safety

Even though boating alone is full of fun and excitement, many people look to add to it by having a few alcoholic beverages. But just the same as driving a motor vehicle while drinking, taking to the water while under the influence puts you and everyone else on the...

5 common causes of boating accidents

For many people, there’s nothing more thrilling than jumping on a boat and hitting the water. However, even if you have many years of experience, you could still suffer a serious injury in an accident. According to the U.S Department of Homeland Security U.S. Coast...