Published Cases of Mr. Bluestein

Pierside Boatworks, Inc. v. Owens, 2017 WL 6521738 (D.S.C. 12/19/17)(Dispute over storage of a vessel).

McGowan v. Pierside Boatworks, Inc., 2017 WL 698370 (D.S.C. 2/22/17)(Dispute over a maritime lien filed against a vessel).

Holt v. Brown, 185 F.Supp.3d 727, 2016 A.M.C. 1679 (D.S.C. 2016)(Maritime personal injury involving a recreational boating accident where a vessel struck a dock).

Cargotec Crane and Electrical Services, Inc. v. Northcliffe Ocean Shipping & Trading Co., Inc., et al., 2016 WL 6442301 (M.D.Fla. 11/1/16)(A dispute over the movement of a crane via a barge and the arrest of the tug and barge).

McGowan v. Pierside Boatworks, Inc., 2017 WL 698370 (D.S.C. February 22, 2017)(Vessel repair dispute).

Cargotec Crane and Electrical Services, Inc., v. Northcliffe Ocean Shipping & Trading Co., Inc, et al, 2016 WL 6442301 (M.D. Fla. November 1, 2016)(Vacating the arrest of a tug and barge).

Holt v. Brown, 185 F.Supp.3d 727 (D.S.C. 2016)(Personal injuries from a recreational boating accident).

Southern Recycling, LLC, and, CNA Insurance Company Limited, v. Gibbs International, Inc., 2016 WL 1258402 (D.S.C. March 31, 2016)(Failure to deliver goods in accordance with a sales contract).

Quarterman v. Spirit Line Cruises, LLC, 2016 WL 374787 (D.S.C. February 1, 2016)(personal Injuries to a vessel repairer on a vessel).

Van Der Walt v. Wayneworks Marine, LLC, 2014 WL 1314568 (D.S.C. March 28, 2014)(Death of a Jones Act Seaman in international water).

Bank of North Carolina v. Motor Yacht SEA HUNT, 2014 WL 897156 (D.S.C. March 6, 2014)(Arrest and sale of a vessel to enforce a maritime lien).

Hamburg Sudamerikanische Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft KG v. Texport, Inc., 954 F.Supp.2d 415 (D.S.C. 2013)(Dispute over sale of goods).

Ameris Bank v. SAILING VESSEL YEMAYA Official Number 640613, 2011 WL 3794227 (D.S.C. Aug. 25, 2011) )(Foreclosure of a preferred ship mortgage on a vessel).

Bank Meridian, N.A. v. MOTOR YACHT IT’S 5’OCLOCK SOMEWHERE Official No. 1073764, 2011 WL 2491369 (D.S.C. June 21, 2011)(Foreclosure of a preferred ship mortgage on a vessel).

Dickerson v. M/V PROLIV VILKITSKOGO, 2007 WL 1499753, 2007 A.M.C. 734 (D.S.C. 2007). Involved denial of a summary judgment motion regarding a serious injury to a longshoreman falling in the hold of a vessel while loading frozen chicken in Port of Charleston.

AXA Re Property & Casualty Ins. Co. v. Tailwalker Marine, Inc., 2005 AMC 749 (D.S.C. 2005). The court found admiralty jurisdiction existed over claim for theft of vessel engines occurring on land in Georgetown, South Carolina.

Geftman v. Boat Owners Assn. of the U.S., 2004 AMC 920 (D.S.C. 2004). Dealt with the grounding of a large pleasure vessel in Atlantic Ocean off of Kiawah Island and the court ruling that a local Tow Boat U.S. franchise holder was not responsible for grounding.

Todd v. Schneider, 2004 AMC 409 (D.S.C. 2003). Resulted from a collision between two pleasure craft on Lake Murray and court holding one vessel solely at fault for causing the collision.

Commercial Union Insurance Co. v. Detyens Shipyard, Inc., 147 F.Supp.2d 413, 2001 AMC 2121 (D.S.C. 2001). Involved the sinking of a drydock and a resulting marine insurance dispute over coverage for the sinking.

Campbell v. Johnson & Towers, Inc., 2000 AMC 419 (D.S.C. 1999). The court ruled that it had personal jurisdiction over out of state vessel repairer who improperly re-power a sportfishing vessel.

Hyosung (America), Inc. v. M/V Tadorne II , 1998 AMC 858 (E.D. La. 1997). Resulted from damage to steel being transported on a barge.

Sunrise Shipping, Ltd. v. M/V American Chemist, 1998 AMC 858 (E.D. La. 1997). Involved a cargo damage claim.

The Continental Ins. Co. v. Laneco Const. Systems, Inc., 1995 AMC 2620 (E.D. La. 1995). A dispute resulted from alleged damage to a pleasure craft moored in a marina.

Jones v. Dow Chemical Co., 885 F.Supp. 905 (M.D. La. 1994). A class action lawsuit resulting from a chemical spilling in the Mississippi River during the loading of a barge.

Schramm, Inc. v. Shipco Transport, Inc., 364 F.3d 560 (4th Cir. 2004). Damage to a mobile drilling rig being transported from the United States on an ocean-going ship.

Atkins Machinery, Inc. v. C.H. Powell Co., Inc., 455 F.Supp.2d 461, 2006 A.M.C. 2355 (D.S.C. 2006). Involved damage to a machine that occurred during its transportation.

Northern Ins. Co. of New York v. 1996 Searay Model 370DA Yacht, 453 F.Supp.2d, 2006 A.M.C. 1570 (D.S.C. 2006). A petitory and possessory action to have a stolen vessel returned to its rightful owner.

Gehlken v. McAllister Towing & Transp. Co., 2007 WL 2332487 (D.S.C. 2007). A mechanics suffered a brain injury when he was struck in the head with a monkey fist while a tug was entering a drydock.

Old Park Investments, Inc. v. The Vessel LEDA , 2005 WL 3783039 (S.D.Fla. 2005). Discussion of an article written by Scott Bluestein by vessel arrests by a federal judge.

Hansa Meyer Transport GmbH & Co., KG v. Norfolk Southern Ry. Co., Slip Copy, 2008 WL 2705220 (D.S.C. 2008). A Carmack Amendment case concerning the destruction of a large transformer while it was being transported.

Hansa Meyer Transport GmbH & Co., KG v. Norfolk Southern Ry. Co., Slip Copy, 2008 WL 2168760 (D.S.C. 2008). A court allowed new evidence to be submitted after a bench trial.

Hansa Meyer Transport GMBH & Co. v. Norfolk Southern Ry. Co., Slip Copy, 2008 WL 341541 (D.S.C. 2008). Involved the court awarding damages for the destruction of a large transformer.

Beach First Nat. Bank v. Motor Yacht BAD HABIT, Slip Copy, 2009 WL 4015949 (D.S.C. November 19, 2009) and Slip Copy, 2009 WL 1649743, D.S.C., June 10, 2009). Arrest of a vessel to enforce a preferred ship mortgage and sale of vessel at U.S. Marshal Interlocutory sale.

Haruna v. M/V STAR B, 80 F.Supp.2d 569 (D.S.C. 1998). Involved personal injuries to a seaman and an unpaid wage claim for an accident occurring when a davit for a life boat fell.