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Help For Cruise Ship Accident Victims

Cruise ships are often not prepared to provide proper medical treatment to those who have been hurt. It is not uncommon for cruise ship personnel to drop off an injured person at the nearest port — often in a foreign country — without any help or plan to get home. This could result from incidents such as:

  • You fell on a wet deck or tripped over things left in the hallway and suffered a broken arm.
  • You fell on the steep walkway while embarking or disembarking.
  • You suffered food poisoning on the ship.
  • You were assaulted by another passenger or a crew member.
  • A loved one drowned after falling overboard or falling from a tender.

When injured cruise ship passengers try to recover money from the company for their injuries, they often find themselves in for a fight.

Understanding Your Rights To Compensation

Maritime law governs your right to compensation for injuries or deaths of family members that occur at sea (or navigable waters). Maritime law is significantly different from personal injury law on land. You may find yourself at a great disadvantage if you fail to work with an experienced maritime injury attorney who understands these differences.

At the Bluestein Law Firm, P.A., in South Carolina, we focus exclusively on admiralty and maritime law. Our goal is to help you get the medical care and money you need for maximum physical recovery if you were injured on a cruise ship because of the negligent or reckless actions of the ship or crew.

Charleston maritime injury lawyer S. Scott Bluestein has helped hundreds of injured passengers in the past 15 years. He is prepared to get results in your injury case against luxury cruise liners such as Carnival cruises, Oceana Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Regency and Celebrity Ships. He also handles cases involving passengers injured during harbor cruises on vessels like the M/V THRILLER 09, deep sea fishing trips, parasail vessels, Jet Ski rentals and casino boats such as SunCruz Casino boats and other casino boats that operate out of the Little River and North Myrtle Beach area.

Regardless of the port where you boarded your ship, you will probably be required to file your claim within one year from the date of injury to file an injury claim. Bluestein Law Firm, P.A., will ensure that your cruise ship accident case is handled properly and that the stringent venue requirements do not prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve.

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*Vessel Owners are permitted to file Limitation of Liability Proceedings where they try to limit their liability to the value of the vessel after an accident or injury on the water. A Limitation of Liability Proceeding results in the vessel owner suing the injured passenger or boater.