Capable Handling Of Injury Claims For Defense Contractors Stationed Overseas

In the U.S., maritime workers who are not seamen — longshoremen, harbor workers, firemen, security guards, electricians, ship repair workers, dock workers and others who work in ports and shipyards — are covered by the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. It provides an enhanced form of workers’ compensation for these workers when they are injured.

A separate but similar statute, the Defense Base Act, covers these same kinds of civilian workers on military bases in the U.S. and overseas in Iraq, Dubai, Kuwait, Afghanistan and other places where the U.S. has a naval presence. The Defense Base Act gives defense contractors injured on military bases the same rights and compensation that workers get under the Longshore Act.

Why You May Need A Maritime Injury Lawyer

Although the Defense Base Act was written specifically to ensure that defense contractors and people working on U.S. military bases get compensation for injuries, these workers sometimes have trouble getting the medical care and compensation they need after they are hurt.

The worker comes back to the U.S. and tries to get medical treatment, and his or her defense contractor employer doesn’t want to pay. The worker tries to apply for state workers’ compensation and gets turned down.

Our goal at the Bluestein Law Firm, P.A., is to help you get the medical care and money you need while you are hurt and can’t work. Maritime injury attorney S. Scott Bluestein focuses exclusively on admiralty and maritime law and has helped hundreds of injured maritime workers in the past 15 years. He is prepared to get results in your defense base injury case.

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